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Supplier of specialty magnetic shielding alloys, custom shields, MuMETAL®, test lab facilities & universities projects


About Magnetic Shield Corporation

"Theory Is One Thing, Practicality Is Another, Evaluation Is Everything"

Usually, theory raises more questions, and provides no finite answer to technical professionals. That's why Magnetic Shield Corporation's engineering team has developed practical methods of evaluating performance. Global businesses, engineers, scientists, inventors, and educators in over 80 countries have used our Evaluation Lab Kits and proprietary shielding materials for hands-on evaluation. As a leading expert since 1941, Magnetic Shield Corporation has developed thousands of technical solutions, supplied millions of fabricated shields, and refined our proprietary shielding materials to be the most effective alloys available. For further explanation how theory may be applied to your application, how to evaluate your design, or how Magnetic Shield Corporation's production capabilities and technical solutions can help, view our complete Company Brochure.

Production Capabilities & Fabrication Quotes
Magnetic Shield Corporation offers our proprietary brands of MuROOM®, MuMETAL®, Co-NETIC®, NETIC®, NEW CRYO-NETIC®, INTER-8® CABLE and AA CABLE SHIELD® to worldwide markets. And, upon receipt of your custom design by drawing and/or specification, our technical team can review your design, provide valuable input, and fabricate your shield. As an ISO 9001 certified supplier, we will provide manufactured parts, made to your specifications. We are a diverse company, offering a broad range of production capabilities and solutions including: shearing, slitting, p.s.t. adhesives, assembly, rolling, laser & water-jet cutting, EDM, machining, turning, punching, stamping, forming, welding, annealing, prototyping and tooling. 

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  Company Brochure
Company Brochure

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Founded in 1941 as the Perfection Mica Company, we originally focused on mining and processing of Mica in a North Carolina mine, and subsequently gained ownership of the Buster mine located in the Dakotas, the largest Mica mine in the world during the 1940s. Concurrently, the Magnetic Shield Division was founded to develop materials and processes to control magnetic fields for NASA space travel. Shortly after developing the Magnetic Shield Division, it grew to such a dominant position in our business that the company changed its name to Magnetic Shield Corporation. The developments and industrial awareness of Perfection Mica Company in the television & electronics industry led to an easy transition. Driving the strategy and continual growth was sensitive electronic applications that were developed during WWII. By the mid-1950s, magnetic shields were found in high demand and overtook the Mica business, and Magnetic Shield Corporation officially became the primary enterprise in 1956. Since then, Magnetic Shield Corporation has been a primary leader in the industry, registering our proprietary brands of shielding alloys Co-NETIC® and NETIC® in 1955, and INTER-8® weaved cable soon after. These products became the benchmark in magnetic shielding alloys. Since the 1960s, other companies have attempted to evolve in the shielding market; many of them created by former employees of Magnetic Shield Corporation. However, to this day, Magnetic Shield Corporation holds a reputable position built around decades of experience and product developments. One well known brand that stands out worldwide is MuMETAL®, which is legally a proprietary brand of Magnetic Shield Corporation. If you need MuMETAL®, contact Magnetic Shield Corporation, the sole USA supplier.

Celebrating 75 Years of Success
Magnetic Shield Corporation
Magnetic Shielding Total Solutions - Supplier of Choice
We Protect Critical Electronic Applications & OEM Innovations
How do technical professionals benefit from partnering with us? They start with asking for help, taking advantage of our vast magnetic shielding technical know-how. Our technical team can recommend solutions that can be applied to all low frequency magnetic interference applications as specified. Next, material sourcing begins with our “industry standard” MuMETAL® sheet and foil, specialty alloys, and stock products – we are the proprietary supplier. OEM Design & Electrical Engineers, Scientists, students, and tech professionals buy our Evaluation Sample Lab Kits to experiment, sample, test and build a prototype. Using our efficient high permeability alloy samples reduces electromagnetic interference – a quick and reliable method. Our full manufacturing services and custom fabrication processes produce the highest quality shields to exacting specifications as required. Because of our decades upon decades of shielding expertise and custom total solutions available, the choice is simple, to contact us. Magnetic Shield Corporation - Celebrating 75 Years
Global customers and business partners recognize our company as a prominent leader in the shielding market because we deliver solutions that work – they value what we bring:

• solutions with proven test results – problem solved
• reliable and efficient alloy materials – practical
• lab kits for experimentation and evaluation – prototype and sample alloys
• custom built shield designs to spec – precision
• engineering technical input – professional recommendations
• full manufacturing and fabrication services – prototyping and production
• thousands of shielding solutions manufactured – production volumes
• custom quotes – ask about price breaks

MuMETAL® Specialty Alloy

We support OEM Design and Electrical Engineers, Scientists, students and technical professionals world-wide.

Quality lines of specialty shielding alloy materials and brands were introduced over the years; INTER-8® CABLE; NETIC®, Co-NETIC® and MuMETAL® “the industry standard” in sheet and foil forms. Our products became essential to protect all electronic applications from low field electromagnetic interference as specified – problem solved.

Expansion of our product lines included MuMETAL® Zero Gauss Chambers, Wiring Application shielding made of our Co-NETIC® AA Wire, our conduit brand SPIRA-SHIELD, and recent registered trademark AA CABLE SHIELD®. As of 2015, new catalog product lines were introduced - NEW MuMETAL® Shielding Cans, NEW MuMETAL® Toroidal Cores, and NEW MuRoom®, Modular and Custom Room Wall Shielding. As of 2016, NEW MuMETAL® Bar, and MuMETAL® Deep Draw Coil. Electronics OEMs, research labs and universities, and more across a broad range of industries partner with us for reliable shielding solutions.
In 2015, AA CABLE SHIELD® became a registered trademark brand of Magnetic Shield Corporation. All rights reserved.
Today, Magnetic Shield Corporation is selected and recommended as the supplier of choice, positioned as a dominant leader in the worldwide magnetic shielding market. We are pleased to continue our legacy from one generation to the next.

Thank you for your continued support, interest, and business – we appreciate each client.

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